Article courtesy of The Urban Monk We’re Homo sapiens, not Neanderthals. Although the species diverged around 650,000 years ago, they also existed at the same time, and probably mated. However, we lived drastically different lifestyles, and eventually… Neanderthals died out. Neanderthals hunted – like the cavemen we picture in our minds[...]

This is for all of us who are battling the long winter weather blues! Article by Jill Horne appeared on the blog for Emeran Mayer Evidence from longevity research studies suggests that optimism may be key factor influencing healthy aging and lifespan, independent of lifestyle factors[...]

Article courtesy of MedPageToday Diets high in inflammatory foods were linked with global markers of brain aging and cerebral small vessel disease on MRI, a cross-sectional study showed. Compared with anti-inflammatory diets, those considered pro-inflammatory on the Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII) were associated with smaller total[...]

Article courtesy of Bloomberg News About 20 years ago, mapping out a person’s genes cost about $100 million. It will soon cost $200. Illumina, the main company behind the machines that interpret genetic code, says its latest model can produce faster, more accurate results at about[...]

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