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"This is information the consumer can trust, and it will be invaluable to educators, to physicians in practice, to insurers, to administrators, and purchasers of health plans as well."

-- Dr. Andrew Weil
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NEW MEDICINE: Complete Family Health Guide

Integrating complementary, alternative, and conventional medicine for the safest and most effective treatment

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Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier

Clearly, the latest trend in the medical community is “integrative medicine.”  By combining the lifesaving drugs and high-tech procedures of medical science with alternative therapies that stimulate the body’s healing processes, integrative medicine delivers higher standards of treatment than orthodox or complementary medicine can separately provide.  New Medicine (DK Publishing; March 2007; $35.00; 512 pages), written by a distinguished team of leading health experts from both sides of the Atlantic presents the best integrative treatments for over 100 ailments, from headaches and acne to cancer and heart disease.

"I highly recommend this user-friendly resource to integrative medicine."

Dr. Andrew Weil,
Director of the Program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona School of Medicine and
author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health

For the first part of the book, “Integrative Medicine” features a series of essays by distinguished health practitioners covering key issues of integrative medicine, including how to combine herbal and conventional medicines safely, when to treat ailments yourself and when to seek expert help, and, how to choose therapies to suit your disposition.  It explains the purpose of MRI scans and other types of screening, describes how drugs, herbal and homeopathic medicines work, and shows how simple lifestyle measures, such as improving your diet, can promote health and longevity.


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  • Caffeine
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“Diseases and Disorders,” the core of the book, presents over 100 ailments that respond best to integrative medicine.  This section helps readers decide which factors might be contributing to their ailment and explains how to put together a suitable treatment plan.  An integrated treatment for arthritis, for example, might include anti-inflammatory drugs, nutritional and lifestyle changes, as well as physical therapy, heat treatment, tai chi, and meditation.  The healthcare recommendations in New Medicine are supported by the latest international research, and links to the best websites worldwide are provided to encourage readers to discover more about their ailment.

Unrivaled in its coverage, accessibility, and authority, New Medicine is the essential practical reference guide for anyone interested in benefiting from integrative medicine increasingly acknowledged to be the future of healthcare in the 21st century.

"Every family should have this book in their home!"

Dr. Mehmet Oz,
Professor of Surgery,
Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and
coauthor of  You: The Owner’s Manual

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